Credit despite running credit – of course – no problem.

The acceptance of a loan despite running credit is quite possible. It only requires good preparation and a good credit rating.

How both aspects lead to a good supply of credit, we explain in detail here.

Additional loan requirement – short info

  • In principle, banks are always positive towards solvent borrowers
  • Nevertheless, it is usually advisable to reclassify for additional loan requirements
  • Compare loan offers that leave both options open
  • Apply today for your credit needs quickly and cheaply from the net

Why a loan despite running credit

Why a loan despite running credit

We live in a fast-paced time where it is important to be flexible financially. However, one’s own money is not always enough to carry out all planned purchases in a timely manner.

Credit despite ongoing credit – additional credit or debt restructuring

However, a long saving of the required sum is also not always in question. Because then the fast acting and reacting would not be possible.

For this reason, it is sometimes necessary for a loan to be taken out. He quickly provides the money that is currently needed.

And usually for quite good conditions. If additional money is needed, a loan must be taken despite the loan.

This is not a problem as long as the creditworthiness of the borrower allows the loan despite the loan.

What does the credit rating say?

What does the credit rating say?

The credit rating shows the economic circumstances of the borrower. It is not just about the income and the question of whether the Credit Bureau is positive.

It is also about the expenses and the question of whether another loan can be used with the financial means available. Because only if this is possible, worth a loan despite running credit.

If there were no sufficient capital backing up the repayment of the additional loan, it could happen that there will be a shortfall in payment. This is followed by over-indebtedness, which should be avoided at all costs.

For this reason, it is always important that the conditions for it are properly checked before taking on another loan.

Credit despite running credit – the admission

Credit despite running credit - the admission

If the borrower’s creditworthiness matches the further credit request, it is possible to look for suitable offers. For the search, the use of a comparison calculator is recommended.

We have included such a calculator in the lower part of this article. The comparison or loan calculator displays daily loan offers that are based on the wishes of the borrower.

Which offers fit?

Which offers fit?

With a good credit rating, any loan offer can be claimed. The question is, therefore, which offer best fits the project.

It is recommended to borrow only as much money as is really needed. If there is a firm reason for using, a dedicated loan may be used.

Otherwise it is advisable to take out a loan for free use. The bank then does not learn what desire is associated with borrowing.

It may sometimes be necessary to use a guarantor to take out a loan despite the current loan. Depending on which credit is desired.

This becomes necessary above all if the creditworthiness of the borrower is insufficient. Whether the guarantor really is needed in the end and unfolds its usefulness depends on the guarantor.

He must be solvent and should be close to the borrower. Only then can he really support the loan.

In addition, the guarantor should be aware of his responsibility. Because he is liable as well as the borrower for the loan.

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