How to save money in times of crisis

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While saving is an exercise that must be done day by day regardless of the global economic framework of the country, in times of crisis it becomes much more difficult to access a rest month by month.

If it is complicated, for many families, to reach the end of the month, much more will be able to make a savings plan . But don’t despair, because from Kashi Hadh, we are going to give you a series of tips for you to learn how to save money despite the crisis.

In the first place, it is important to learn to control your finances, for which it is very important to change certain habits, in order to be able to face expenses but, at the same time, generate savings.

These tips will allow you to change the way you relate to your long-term personal economy, regardless of the economic crisis you are going through.

Plan and record your expenses

Plan and record your expenses

Get a budget of your monthly obligations, and you will fulfill them. With an agenda, a note on the cell phone, or an app, you can register each and every one of the movements you make.

You will see that if you establish planned consumption habits, you can optimize your expenses.

Organize your food

Make a meal plan, and buy your food in the cheapest places possible.
In this way, you will be able to keep unnecessary consumption to the limit, and you will reach control over food expenses very easily.

I got the best sales and offers

Whatever your need, tomato and work to explore prices in several places until you reach the cheapest to make your purchase.

Another strategy that gives real results is to use coupons with offers and discounts that extend supermarkets. Stay tuned for the different promotions and benefits, and take advantage when buying.

Cut unnecessary expenses

If you are one of those people who usually spend by spending, it is time to mutate customs and control impulses.

At this point, it is important that you can control the effect of advertising, marketing and bad consumer habits.

Save on services

To reduce bills at the end of the month, it is important to learn to save by changing certain consumption habits. Try to use energy, water and gas responsibly.

I reduced transportation costs to the maximum

You can also save money in times of crisis using less the car or public transport. Ideally, you can travel everywhere by bicycle or on foot.

And if impossible, at least I shared the car with other colleagues to get to work for example.

Limit the use of your credit card

credit card

It is worth repeating: you have to avoid spending money on trivial things, and less than less with the credit card. Use it only for relevant things.

Saving money consists of having control of your actions and knowing how to invest money wisely. If you avoid exacerbating spending and saving as much as you can, you will have a quieter life and never have to borrow or sell valuable things you really need.

If in spite of everything, and no matter how much effort you make, you cannot even reach the end of the month, remember that you can count on the credits of Kashi Hadh, provided you need help to get to cover your expenses in an exceptional way.

The idea is that you can free yourself from the pressures of money , and enjoy a day-to-day calm in economic matters, whether or not it is a time of crisis.

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